The Carnivore Diet is not anymore an unusual plan to make your pets feel better mentally and physically. It is an entire philosophy with many pet owners following it and even more tips and advice from seasoned carnivore experts.

In today’s guide, we are focusing on the actual meats that are commonly consumed as part of the carnivore diet. We will be talking about the hot and cold meats and the value of each meat in particular.

What Is The Carnivore Diet For Pets And How To Start It?

The carnivore diet basically focuses on holistic pet care and the different energies that every food brings. Following TCM practices, it is believed that your pet’s natural energy can be significantly improved by meats.

This dietary plan does not involve any plant-based foods such as fruit or vegetables – or any processed carbohydrate foods like cereals and/or grains.

Also known as the meat only diet, zero carb diet or beef only diet, the carnivore diet for pets is a great way to discover types of meat and proteins that your pet should be eating. Below, we are listing the most popular hot and cold meats for carnivores.

Hot And Cold Meats For Carnivores: When Eating Meat Only Becomes A Tasty Habit

Based on eating animal products, this diet revolves around the idea that a pet should only eat 100% meat and organs – with nothing such as soy or pea protein coming from plants.

The main categorization occurs between hot and cold meats for carnivores, and there are also different philosophies behind each type.

Hot Meats For Carnivores

According to TCM theory, you should ideally feed your pet with foods that reach a neutral state matching their body and creating balance.

In that manner, if your pup has a cold energy, you will want to feed them with foods that are warm or hot. This is basically includes pets who have hot ears, nose, back and limbs.

Also, these pets tend to snuggle in blankets and may become sluggish in the winter months.

The general rule of thumb is that pets like these should reach a neutral stance and create balance. If they have a cold energy, you would definitely want to feed them with foods that are warming.

The best hot meats to eat on the carnivore diet include:

  • Venison meat
  • Goat meat
  • Lamb meat

Additionally, foods which are considered not hot but warming include chicken, anchovies and pheasant.

Cold Meats For Carnivores

Cold meats are perfect for pets with hot energy which are often found as hot to the touch. These are basically pets which are constantly seeking cold places such as floors or shades. They often have red eyes, red skin and pant at inappropriate times (not during exercise or excessive heat). The goal is to balance them and give them cold meats.

Similar to the hot meats for pets that feel cool all the time, the best cold meats for carnivores are basically food sources for pets with hot energies.

So, these pets should balance their diet with what is known as cold or cooling meats, including:

  • Rabbit
  • Whitefish
  • Pollock
  • Duck

Now that you know the best hot and cold meats for carnivores, there is also a neutral category which is reserved for neutral pets. The meats in this category include beef, pork, salmon, bison, quail, tuna and turkey – all known as neutral types.

Carnivores Should Drink Plenty Of Water

The carnivore diet is one that consists of meat which is usually natural saturated and unsaturated. The meat is salty, which is why you should give your pets water in greater volumes.

Also, do not fear that protein will change your pet – they should only eat until they feel full (which as you know happens all the time). Their appetite will obviously change when you are on the carnivore diet – but going hungry should never be an option.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the main goal of the carnivore diet for pets is to find the right balance for your pet, coming from their inside temperature. Following the energy guidelines can certainly become difficult at some point. However, by reading more and more about this diet, you will find all the ins and outs and discover the numerous benefits that it has for pets of all types and sizes.

The best thing about the hot and cold meats for carnivore pets is that they can easily fit within your schedule and are relatively easy to prepare!

For more information and other tips on the carnivore diet for pets, visit our blog!