We believe that there are tons of people who have searched the keyword “raw feeding” or “diet for pregnant dogs” on Google or online forums. The truth is, this is a question that gets asked a lot, especially when dogs (that are nursing or pregnant) need a switch in their diet.

The average pregnant dog diet is now built roughly around the 5:1:1 ratio. This means:

  • 5 parts raw meat on the bone,
  • 1 part fresh organ,
  • 1 part vegetables.

As a recipe, this can help your dog get through its pregnancy or nursing easily. A few small tweaks to the process can also help you consider the best foods to feed a pregnant dog.

Below, we are showing you a nice infographic which sums up the diet ratio (5:1:1) and the best diet for pregnant dogs.

More On Raw Feeding Your Pregnant Carnivores

When raw feeding your carnivores, the idea is to give them more of everything. After all, they are building mini versions of themselves and need the same things that their little ones need. So, the best rule of thumb is to feed your pregnant carnivore more meat on the bone, more muscle and fresh meat, as well as more organ meats.

While muscle meat feeds their muscle meat, fresh cartilage can help your carnivore by strengthening their joints. Fresh bones, on the other hand, lead to optimum bone growth and organ meats are broken down to form organs.

So, your pregnant carnivore diet should consist of 10% to 15% organ meat, especially for pregnant dogs. What is also important is to include as much variety in their diet – and give them parts such as liver, kidney, eyes, spleen, etc. Try not to include too much of the one thing – different body parts are beneficial to different parts of your carnivore’s system.

How To Feed Your Pregnant Dog During Every Stage

As you know, there are different stages in your dog’s pregnancy. For the first half of it, nothing much will change in their behavior and they will eat as normal. However, you should always be careful and include foods that are beneficial for your pregnant carnivores.

Below is a list that can help you…

  • By week 5, increase the quantity of food and put 20% to 30% more foods in their plate
  • By week 6, increase the fat and decrease the bone (this will help your dog’s stomach capacity and add the foods that give energy)
  • During week 8 and week 9, increase the quantity of food again – give your dogs 50% more food than you gave them in pre-pregnancy. Also, this is the stage where you should completely cut off the bone content of their food.
  • In the last week (week 9), they will begin to eat less which is normal, so you should adapt to this and gradually reduce the amount of food.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, we outlined the diversity of foods you should feed your pregnant dog with – as well as the amount of food you should give them during every stage of pregnancy.

As a last tip, we’d say that splitting their food portions in more meals is always recommended. This will help your carnivores digest the food better, and help their little ones inside share the same benefits.

Tune in to our next article about the best dog diet after birth – and see what you should give your furry friends after your house gets full of puppies!